Lily Among Thorns

My name is Oluwasolafunmi Adejokun and welcome to my Medium Column. I am a full-time God lover, book lover, student, member of the association for the advancement of the female gender (feminist), professional procrastinator and what a writer friend of mine will call intelligent but intentionally lazy (That isn’t accurate though).

As a person of many passions, I decided to have this column to just talk. To talk about my faith, books, excerpts from the intellectual works I engage in as well as any other subject you would like me to engage in (please, I am open to comments on what you would like me to engage in).

I would like each of what I want to talk about to be called Lilies. It is not unknown that there are so many challenges in this age that we face right from when we are young that sometimes we really need a break and just feel that adulting is a scam. Lilies for me represent a breath of fresh air especially in a world filled with thorns. This points to the fact that some of the most beautiful things we come across happen during the most difficult times.

Therefore, we officially open in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
You can reach out to me via email ( and likewise follow me on Social Media (Life_of__deola on Twitter and Instagram).
Till next time, from me to you, bye for now.




Books || Law || Conversations

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Oluwasolafunmi Adejokun

Oluwasolafunmi Adejokun

Books || Law || Conversations

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