Money Matters 💸🤑

Oluwasolafunmi Adejokun
3 min readJul 19, 2020

We all at a point have heard and sung this song; if you no get money, hide your face. But there’s really no way we can hide our faces. Being broke has become the new trend and we would rather blame it on Corona rather than our bad money habits.

Before Lord Rona happened, we were a people hugely dependent on allowance. Some of us probably saved on Cowrywise to spend on things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. Honestly, I’ve been there. Many times, we spend the money because our bodies are itching us to spend it. We just want to spend the money and we cannot imagine life without spending; after all, we are to relass and be taken kiaruff. We also probably don’t read the emails Ope from Cowrywise sends us on risk and mutual funds. I have a friend who vowed to deal with her. She always complains about the unsolicited emails. She has banned me from visiting because I didn’t pick her side; like there was any side to pick in the first place.

Right now, everyone is into cryptocurrency so much that last week, many were swindled which is quite sad. The stock exchange already looks too risky for those who are risk averse and savings are no longer enough. Asides that, many are now making use of their soft skills more and just occupying space is no longer allowed. Everyone is gradually easing into Brokelyn street but we don’t want to. So yeah, we aren’t hiding our face.

Many of us like yours truly, had what we planned to do this year. Some of us were so serious that we made it into documents (which in all honesty I do doff my hat about). However, we didn’t really make plans for towards saving more, cutting costs and investing aggressively. So, we are all in the same category- actively looking for giveaway.

However, what is it that we can learn from this situation that we are in- since some of us haven’t won giveaway in a while? We can learn that it’s not too late to start planning about our finances. People are still taking risks on the economy, many are opening businesses, purchasing stocks and making debt repayment plans. Trust me, they will make it- because when there is a will, there is a way.

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